My Blu Liquipods – Pod System – All Flavours 9mg-18mg Bulk Deal 5 Packs


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My Blu Liquipods ? Pod System ? All Flavours 9mg/18mg Bulk Deal 5 Packs

New improved Flavour Nicotine from? 9mg and 18mg
please see drop down to choose

Our flavours are made with domestic and imported ingredients: nicotine salts, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, natural and artificial flavours.

You will receive a pack that includes:
2x myblu? Liquidpods (1.5ml)
Only compatible with the my blu? device.

8 Flavours

myblu?? Liquidpod ? we have 0mg ,? 0.9mg and 1.8mg in stock.


These myblu Liquidpods are compatible with the myblu pod mod only.


Cafe Latte Liquidpods for myblu

A bold, creamy coffee for your myblu kit. Caf? Latte Liquidpods are loaded with rich espresso flavour, rounded off with smooth steamed milk and a sprinkle of sugar. Ideal for late-night unwinding or as a tasty morning energiser!


Green Apple Liquidpods by myblu

blend sweet and sour apple notes for a beautifully refreshing and tangy vape. myblu Green Apple tastes just like the real thing, so if you?re a fruit vape fan looking for authentic apple freshness, try these pods out today!


Blue Ice Liquidpods by myblu? ? Now in 0mg

are packed with a cooling blend of juicy blueberry and icy menthol that?s ideal for fruit vapers looking for something original and refreshing in equal measure. Discover the fruity refreshment of myblu Blue Ice Liquidpods today!


Mango Apricot Liquidpods by myblu

deliver a fresh and full-bodied fruit vape, blending exotic mango notes with the sweetness of apricot for a powerful rush of flavour. myblu Mango Apricot Liquidpods are the perfect choice for fruit vapers looking for something a bit different, or for anyone looking to branch out from their usual tobacco pods.


MENTHOL Liquidpods by myblu 0mg

Our Menthol was designed to represent notes of sweet spearmint and peppermint to give this flavour the classically cool taste it?s known for.


Tobacco Liquidpods by myblu

We created blu? Tobacco to mimic the authentic and classic taste of rich, robust tobacco that has made this our most popular flavour yet.

Cherry Crush Liquidpod by myblu 0mg

Rich flavour crafted for a taste that packs a punch.
blu? Cherry is our take on sweet, plump, sun-ripened Maraschino cherries with notes of our popular ?Tobacco? flavour.

Eucalyptus Lemon Liquidpod by myblu

Made for a dynamic and natural taste Inspired by the refreshing harmony of zesty, sour lemon with cool mint tones of eucalyptus.

Bourbon Caramel Flavour??by myblu
Bourbon flavour with caramel

Coconut Breeze by myblu
Coconut with hints of pineapple

Tobacco Cr?me Flavour by myblu
Full-bodied tobacco with hints of vanilla

Ginseng Ginger Flavour by myblu

Ginseng and ginger flavour

Additional information

My Blu Pods

Blue Ice 0.9, Blue Ice 0mg, Blue Ice 1.8, Bourbon Caramel 0.9, C oconut Breeze 0.9, Cafe Latte 0.9, Cherry Crush 0.9, Cherry Crush 0mg, Cherry Crush 1.8, Eucalyptus Lemon 0.9, Fresh Menthol 0.9, Ginseng Ginger 0.9, Golden Tobacco 0.9, Green Apple 0.9, Green Apple 1.8, Intense Golden Tobacco, Intense Menthol, Intense Salt Blueberry, Intense Strawberry, Mango Apricot 0.9, Mango Apricot 1.8, Menthol 0.9, Menthol 0mg, Menthol 1.8, Mint, Tobacco Creme 0.9, Tobacco Creme 1.8


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