My Blu Liquipods Intense Salt – Pod System – 4 Flavours 18mg Bulk Deal 5 Packs


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My Blu Liquipods – Pod System – 4 Flavours 18mg Bulk Deal 5 Packs

5 Packs? 2 pods per pack

4 Flavours

myblu Intense Liquidpods use nicotine salts to provide vapers with a refreshingly different experience.

Nicotine salts mimic the sensation of smoking more closely than regular e-liquid, which makes myblu Intense Liquidpods ideal for vapers who are looking for something a little closer to a traditional cigarette. Available in 1.8 (18mg) nicotine strength and a variety of flavours.

myblu Liquidpods are incredibly simple to use, and once the pod has expired, simply replace with a new one and continue to vape as normal.

Blueberry – Deliciously ripe blueberry flavour.

Menthol – Minty, cool and refreshing menthol ideal as an all-day vape.

Strawberry Mint – Bursting with juicy strawberries and a gently cooling undertone.

Golden Tobacco – Our new signature tobacco flavour combines the taste of sweet roasted tobacco, nutmeg and vanilla.


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