Logic LQD E Liquid Vape MULTIPACK 10ml x 6 bottles All Flavours


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£18.99Out of stockBerry Mint6mg
Out of Stock
£18.99Out of stockBerry Mint12mg
Out of Stock
£18.991 in stockBerry Mint18mg
£18.99Out of stockBlueberry6mg
Out of Stock
£18.9913 in stockBlueberry12mg
£18.99Out of stockCherry6mg
Out of Stock
£18.9933 in stockCherry12mg
£18.99Out of stockCherry18mg
Out of Stock
£18.994 in stockChai Latte6mg
£18.99Out of stockChai Latte12mg
Out of Stock
£18.99Out of stockForest Fruits6mg
Out of Stock
£18.99Out of stockForest Fruits12mg
Out of Stock
£18.99Out of stockMenthol6mg
Out of Stock
£18.99Out of stockMenthol12mg
Out of Stock
£18.99Out of stockMenthol18mg
Out of Stock
£18.99Out of stockPear Mint6mg
Out of Stock
£18.99Out of stockPear Mint12mg
Out of Stock
£18.99Out of stockTobacco6mg
Out of Stock
£18.99Out of stockTobacco12mg
Out of Stock
£18.99Out of stockTobacco18mg
Out of Stock
£18.99Out of stockStrawberry12mg
Out of Stock
£18.99Out of stockStrawberry18mg
Out of Stock
£18.99Out of stockVanilla Cream18mg
Out of Stock


6 Logic LQD E-liquid Bottles | 10ml each

Multi Pack sealed

About LQD e-liquids

E-liquids made in Europe to high quality and safety standards.
The squeezy bottle design and extended nozzle help you refill without spilling any e-liquid.
50 VG, 50 PG

Flavours and nicotine strengths available

Tobacco (6mg |12mg |18mg)
Menthol (6mg |12mg |18mg)
Cherry (6mg |12mg |18mg)
Berry Mint (6mg | 12mg |18mg)
Strawberry (6mg |12mg |18mg)
Vanilla Cream (18mg)
Pear Mint (6mg | 12mg)
Forest Fruits (6mg | 12mg)
Blueberry (6mg | 12mg)
Chai Latte (6mg | 12mg)

All of our e-liquid products meet high quality and safety standards required by EU regulation. Logic e-liquids are made using pharmaceutical-grade nicotine, European sourced ingredients and food-grade flavourings.


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