Got Salts 10ml Eliquid 16 Flavours in 10mg and 20mg Royal Mail Postage


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£3.3310 in stockBLACK-BLUE-ICE 10mg
£3.336 in stockBLACK-BLUE-ICE 20mg
£3.3310 in stockBUTTERBACCO 10mg
£3.3319 in stockBUTTERBACCO 20mg
£3.3315 in stockGRAPE-ICE 10mg
£3.336 in stockGRAPE-ICE 20mg
£3.339 in stockICE-CAP 10mg
£3.3324 in stockICE-CAP 20mg
£3.3316 in stockMANGO-ICE 10ml
£3.3316 in stockMANGO-ICE 20mg
£3.332 in stockCANDID-CANDY 10mg
£3.336 in stockCANDID-CANDY 20mg
£3.333 in stockTOPICAL-RED 10mg
£3.3318 in stockTOPICAL-RED 20mg
£3.3320 in stockBLACK-FOREST 10mg
£3.336 in stockBLACK-FOREST 20mg
£3.335 in stockPOLAR 10mg
£3.3317 in stockPOLAR 20mg
£3.3322 in stockDRAGON-BURST 10mg
£3.336 in stockDRAGON-BURST 20mg
£3.337 in stockCRUMBACCO 10mg
£3.3311 in stockCRUMBACCO 20mg
£3.337 in stockBLACK-BLUE 10mg
£3.3311 in stockBLACK-BLUE 20mg
£3.3312 in stockPURPLE-MOJITO 10mg
£3.3314 in stockPURPLE-MOJITO 20mg
£3.334 in stockBLOOD-SUN 10mg
£3.3315 in stockBLOOD-SUN 20mg
£3.334 in stockPEACHY-PROMISE 10mg
£3.3314 in stockPEACHY-PROMISE 20mg
£3.3313 in stockBlack and Red 10mg
£3.3327 in stockBlack and Red 20mg


10ml Bottles

Got Salts e-liquid features a host of flavours, ranging from fruit, tobacco and menthol varieties.
Manufactured to a high standard in the UK,

Got Salts e-liquid is ideal for everyday use with a range of e-cigs including vape pods and starter kits.

Nic salts have been claimed to provide a vaping experience which more closely mimics the sensation of smoking, and are generally not as harsh on the throat when compared to regular e-liquid of similar strength.

16 Flavours  10mg or 20mg

Black & Blue – Blue slush and sweet blackcurrant.
BLACK & BLUE ICE   Delicious and refreshing vape combining sweet blue slush, sharp blackcurrants and cool menthol.
Black and Red  Delicious and refreshing vape combining sweet mixed berries.
Black Forest – Black forest gateau and cherry.
Blood Sun – Grapefruit and blood orange.
Butterbacco Delicious and refreshing vape combining sweet butterscotch and rich tobacco.
Candid Candy – Blackcurrant and raspberry candy with refreshing mint.
Crumbacco – Rich tobacco blended with a sweet biscuit base.
Dragon Burst – A mix of sweet gummy candy and mixed fruit.
Grape Ice- Delicious and refreshing vape combining sweet grapes and cool menthol.
Peachy Promise – Smooth peach and tropical passionfruit.
Polar – Spearmint mixed with cooling menthol.
Purple Mojito – Sweet purple candy and mojito.
Mango Ice – Delicious and refreshing vape combining sweet mango and cool menthol.
Tropical Red – A flavourful blend of strawberry, banana and mango.
Ice Cap – Delicious and refreshing vape combining cool flavours of menthol together.


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