6 x 10ml Logic Epiq E Liquid- 50-50 VG-PG – 8 Flavours in 6mg and 12mg


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£11.99Out of stockBerry Blast 6mg
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£11.99Out of stockBerry Blast 12mg
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£11.99Out of stockDark Cherry 12mg
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£11.992 in stockDark Cherry 6mg
£11.992 in stockFrosted Pear 6mg
£11.992 in stockFrosted Pear 12mg
£11.99Out of stockGarden Strawberry 6mg
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£11.99Out of stockGarden Strawberry 12mg
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£11.99Out of stockGolden Tobacco 6mg
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£11.99Out of stockGolden Tobacco 12mg
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£11.99Out of stockMint Chill 6mg
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£11.99Out of stockMint Chill 12mg
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£11.99Out of stockVanilla Slice 6mg
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£11.993 in stockWild Blueberry 12mg
£11.99Out of stockVanilla Slice 12mg
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£11.99Out of stockWild Blueberry 6mg
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8 Amazing Flavours

50/50 VG/PG

6 x 10ml Multi Pack

Flavours are both in 6mg and 12mg

Simple, straightforward and compatible with almost any vape kit, the Logic EPIQ e-liquid range offers exciting flavour combinations at the ideal price. Explore the collection below:

Berry Blast

A mash-up of mixed forest berry flavours and menthol, fused to create a delicious fruit blend that’s ideal for all-day use. Logic Epiq Berry Blast features juicy notes of blackcurrant, blackberry and raspberry, layered over a base of cool spearmint.

Dark Cherry

Perfect for those who like a sweet and juicy vape. Logic Epiq Dark Cherry e-liquid houses rich and radiant cherry flavour with a hint of nutty almond, made with a balance of VG and PG to offer a smooth and mouth-watering flavour.

Frosted Pear

Capturing the juicy, syrupy flavour of ripe green pears, Logic EPIQ Frost Pear introduces a mild note of fresh peppermint to create a perfectly balanced fusion of sweet and cool.

Garden Strawberry

Capturing the summery flavour the Great British strawberry, Logic Epiq Garden Strawberry e-liquid hits the sweet spot with a full and juicy flavour that’s bursting with succulent fruit notes; perfect for a flavourful all-day vaping.

Golden Tobacco

A carefully balanced tobacco blend inspired by golden rolling tobacco. Logic Epiq Golden Tobacco is specially tailored to be as life-like as possible by including notes of coffee and caramel, creating a savoury, earthy flavour when vaporised.

Mint Chill

Mint Chill from the Logic Epiq range is a cool pick for your vape kit. Featuring an ice undertone of menthol layered with a refreshing dose of eucalyptus, this premium e-liquid is a safe bet if you enjoy fresh flavours.

Vanilla Slice

A sweeter choice for those who enjoy creamier flavours. Vanilla Slice from the Logic Epiq range combines warm vanilla with a hint of dark cocoa, creating a smooth and rich dessert vape.

Wild Blueberry

A powerful blueberry flavour that’s packed full of realistic fruity flavour. Wild Blueberry from the Logic epiq range features a fresh dose of crisp blueberry flavour with a perfect balance of syrupy sweetness and sour tang.


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